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Character leggings are the latest fashion trend to take the industry by a storm - a big, wild and intense storm.

Unlike other clothing styles out there, character leggings allow you to truly express who you are. If you’re a hardcore patriate, you can wear the American Flag leggings to show this to the world; if you have an incredible sense of humor, pull off a pair of funny petite leggings. The options are actually endless when you have character leggings in your wardrobe, which the fashion industry seems to lack nowadays. 


Choose character leggings based on your preferences

Very rarely can you chose fashion based on your preferences. It seems like most fashion stores offer the same generic things and everyone looks the same. Well, with character lCharacter leggings, cartoon print leggings, petite leggings, printed leggingseggings, you now have the chance to showcase your style to the world – and not the style some major brand told you to have.

So, the first thing you need to know about wearing character leggings is to pick styles based on you. Choose printed leggings that say something about you.

Focus on one of the colors to create an outfit

When wearing printed leggings, pairing can be a little bit of a challenge. After all, the bottom half of your outfit has so much personality and vibrancy. So, finding a shirt that matches the hundreds of colors in your leggings can be tough.

The secret is to pick one color and focus on that. For example, if you were to wear thee Aurora Sky Leggings, you could match the black, yellow, or pink found throughout the style.

Keep the top-half of your ensemble simple

Now that you know what color of top you’re going to wear with your character leggings, it’s time to find the actual top you’ll wear with them. Generally speaking, you want to let your character leggings be the focal point of your ensemble. If your top is just as wild and eccentric as your bottoms, you could be a clashing disaster – which is totally fine if that’s what you’re into.

However, if you’re pairing your character leggings for fashion, keep the top half of your outfit as simple as possible to keep your entire look balanced.

Let your accessories be accents to your character leggings

Since the point of character leggings is to tell the world and fashion industry more about Character leggings, cartoon print leggings, petite leggings, printed leggingswho you are as an individual, you want to let them shout. The key to doing just that is to keep everything else rather simple, including your accessories. Too many accessories can quickly take a chic look and turn it into a hoarder’s dream. 

So, when picking accessories to wear with your printed leggings, combine all the two other fashion tips you just learned. Choose colors found within your leggings and add in accessories of the same tone, and of course, keep your accessories minimal.

Forbid the prints in your footwear

Footwear is just as important as the rest of your outfit. Often times, people use their shoes to create the look they’re going for. After all, people wear stilettos for fierceness, booties for boho chic looks, sneakers for a casual appeal, and well, you get the point.

However, since your character leggings and footwear are side-by-side, you need to keep your shoes as matte, as possible. Anything with prints is going to turn your crisp, chic style into a cluster of prints, which is never ideal. So, forbid the prints in your footwear. If there’s any fashion rule you follow after this blog post, let it be this one.


While other people are wearing the same thing as everyone else, becoming a clone of a major billboard, you can wear fashion that expresses who you are. Character leggings are unique, and slipping into a pair will instantly show the world that you’re a little more badass than the rest. Shop all the petite leggings you could ever dream of today at One Era Leggings.

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